Being located on the elite class area of Faisalabad- the Canal Road, Lyallpur Galleria enjoys the pivotal position connecting people all over Faisalabad and its suburbs. It’s beautifully crafted architecture is not only and an attraction to the visitors but it is spacious as well. The Royal Look is a different yet remarkable thought adding magic to the beauty of Faisalabad city.


This project by has the utmost potential in renovating the whole shopping and residential experience in Faisalabad. Based on 4 monstrous floors, it allows us to enjoy and experience fun, shopping and stay with extravagant and lavish suites with exceptional service. It has brought world’s most renowned brands or eateries and shopping under a single roof. This landmark project has added a shining star to the commercial face of Faisalabad city to make it the only destination for its people.

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